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We are keen about our works speaking for us.


Warner Bros.

Cafted the packaging for Warner Bros., with designs that reflect their commitment to quality.


Revitalized the brand’s logo with a sleek and trendy new look that still resonates with its rich legacy.


Adaptation of packaging designs with sophistication, setting a new benchmark of elegance.

Farm Fresh

The brand’s existing grids were adapted to design stunning, eye-catching packaging.


Crafted a stunningly distinctive brand essence through branding and packaging excellence.


Rebranded Fomme’s 85-year-old legacy with a fresh identity that resonates with the modern audience.

KP Namboodiris

Crafted packaging designs, POS collateral, and press adverts to elevate brand presence.


Created a captivating identity from scratch, including logo design and branding.


Developed vibrantly and eye-catching packaging designs that capture the magic of the brand.


Rebranded the brand with sleek designs that retained the traditional charm with a modern touch.

Lulu International

Designed attractive packaging for Lulu, enhancing the brand’s appeal for a memorable customer experience.

Kent Healthcare

Executed a comprehensive and impactful 360-degree branding strategy for Kent Healthcare.


Did the branding for G-Gold, with a uniquely classic logo design that is eye-catching and memorable.

Come On Kerala

As a creative partner, we delivered all designs and marketing collaterals for the event.

Royal Breads

Developed branding for Royal Breads with a unique signature and packaging designs.

Dr. Wash

Designed packaging for the products of the brand to give a cleaner, better and more vibrant appeal.

Let NRay be your creative catalyst.

Contact us to give your brand

a marvelous makeover.

Let NRay be your creative catalyst. Contact us to give your brand a marvelous makeover.


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